lunaricsales (lunaricsales) wrote,


-12" long Macaw feather chain. 3 REAL Macaw feathers, attached to silver toned chain. 1 STURDY bobby pin clips this into your hair. I have no problem using 1 pin in my hair, but I will send the buyer a few extra pins in case they need them :). Price: $23 - Domestic s&h included in price.

-5.25" long "Tropical Sunrise" earrings. Macaw feathers used in these earrings. 2 feathers on each side, followed by a long silver toned chain, ended with a yellow acrylic faceted tear drop. I have used safety latch earrings in this set, to assure they will not go anywhere :P. Price: $20 - Domestic s&h included in price.
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